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Zaporizhzya is European city

Zaporizhzya is European city

The project Is made by
pupils 11-a form
Ihor Sliva
Nastya Gordienko

 As far as I know Ukraine is situated in the center of Europe. It is still believed that we have to develop our economy and social life as other European countries do, but I am sure we are great nowadays.
Youth and elderly people are involved in contemporary music, project, events. They enjoy cycling, Trekking, going bungee jumping or else. We do the same things which are actually used all over the world.
This summer we’ve got some bikeride occasion.

   The 5 thousand fans of two-wheeled transport came to take part in this event.
The bike ride took place 1, June, 2016. Such event Zaporizhia cyclists approached creatively. The was moving along Lenin Avenue we can see cyclists in retro suits on makeshift bicycles, family, and even bikeriders contracts in the form of a prisoner. Such movements are relevant for today across Europe, by the way, it should be noted that such activities are carried out with the support of the state.

There is even Graffiti festival in Zaporizhia

   Urban landscape - is not only glass and concrete. In 1980 it began the graffiti boom began  and artists began to paint the city in bright colors - in order to convey to the audience his vision of the world or just to decorate unremarkable wasteland. Examine the drawing process, find equipment trafaret- drawing and try to understand what is going on in the minds of these artists - festivals of street art. It was held this summer: the art appeared in the ayes of the spectators.
"ALL SEASONS JAM" in Zaporizhia every spring and autumn from September
The venue of the festival graffiti "Voznesenovsky market"
It was decided to hold the 4 main stages ALL SEASONS JAM:
1.Concept-painting (the main wall decoration)
2.TAG jam
3.Sketch jam
4.Throw-UP jam
it’s really popular and unforgettable among youth.

In order to make your dream job a reality, realise that this goal takes time research guidance, money and a whole lot of effort. So what can you do today to get started on your goal? Perhaps you can get a necessary education.

At Zaporizhyan National University (ZNU)

  On the initiative of decane of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Associate Professor Galina Moroshkina, preparations began for students of several departments to the study of French language for bilingual studies. This meant that students could learn in ZNU, and in one of the universities in France. After several visits, management of science and technology university in Zaporizhia University du Maine, obtaining dual education has become real.

Sobornyi Avenue
The main avenue of our city deserves a special place in this work. It’s just incredibly huge, with a length of 10.8 km. It passes through four districts of Zaporozhye. The Avenue is considered the largest in Europe, due to the fact that it’s the longest else does not.



We were skeptical about the task ahead of us. It would seem that common in our city with Europe. But you know as soon as we began to delve into it, we realized that we really Zaporozhye - a city of Europe. We have a great young people who aspire to a healthy lifestyle, it tends to receive a quality education, striving to improve our city. We - the Europeans and our city - city in Europe. 

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