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Zaporizhzhya is the European city.

 Zaporizhzhya is the European city.

 The project is сreated by the pupil of the 9-th form "B" Mironenko Lera.
Міський конкурс.Mediaschool - 2017.

Куратор проекта: учитель английского языка Мудрая Л. Г.

European cities impress us with beauty and a comfortable life from TV screens. Today, many cities in the world tend to be similar to European cities. They are trying to take over the external beauty and the way of life of Europeans . And Zaporizhzhya  is not the exception.

Zaporizhzhya is very beautiful, interesting and modernized city. Our city takes the example of European cities and aims to become a part of the European Union. In the sphere of external beauty, architecture and monuments Zaporizhzhya is a very developed city. 

Tourist attraction is the key to the success of any European city. Zaporizhzhya is considered to be the cradle of the Cossacks as well as the centre of the world's first democratic republic.  After the constructionof historical and cultural complex "Zaporizka Sich" the flow of tourists has increased a lot. But this is not the only thing that tourists can see. In our city there are the so-called " 7 Wonders of Zaporizhzhya.

 All of them are spiritual symbols of national history and culture, without which our city is unthinkable. They  are - Sobornyi Avenue, "Hortytsya" National reserve, DniproGes, Preobrazhensky Bridges , Zaporizhzhya  children's railway, Сlock of lovers and a children's Botanical Garden. They are unique European wonders, which are only found here. In this regard, we can see that the external beauty of the city is definitely at the highest level .

European way of life is a rejection of  bad habits and  going in for sports   people of all ages. The same values are accepted by Zaporizhzhians . The city authorities are paying great attention  to the development of the sports of citizens.

The city has a track and field, swimming pools, water base, tennis courts, sports fields with artificial turf, the Palace of Sports "Yunost", a modern football stadium "Slavutych- Arena". Many universities and businesses have their own sports complexes. Our city has a large number of youth sports schools. Zaporizhzhya is called "the capital of the team sports of the country."

New sports that are popular in Europe are actively implemented in Zaporizhzhia. They are: fitness, surfing, glanders boarding, Nordic walking, climbing and even streetball.



It should be said about the main problem that exists in our city, and in European cities -it is an environmental pollution. But we as well as Europeans are struggling with this.

A large number of cars in the city significantly pollute the air and make noise, so we move on bicycles thereby saving our habitat as Europeans do. At the moment the city authorities consider the Project, which will give the push in improvement of the environment in our city. It is the creation of the park, which will be located in the city centre (near the sixth city hospital) and it will  include the facilities designed for cycling classes.

     An indicator of the European city is knowledge of English language, which is popular in Europe. In fact, English is becoming the second native language for the citizens of Zaporizhzhya. English is taught in kindergartens and from 1 class at school.

 In our school we study English with great interest by the British textbooks such as Smart, Welcome, Click on, Prime Time. Such European languages as German and French become widespread in Zaporizhzhya too. As for me I learn French at school.

Zaporizhzhians are very patriotic and love their country and their city. It unites them with the Europeans. The inhabitants of Zaporizhzhya made great efforts for the development of European culture and European values in Ukraine.

Many Zaporizhzhians were active participants of Euromaidan, all kinds of meetings and actions in support of European integration of Ukraine. Many inhabitants are defending our Ukraine in anti-terrorist operation (ATO).

But at the same time, the Zaporizhzhians  are very peace-loving people and they do not want war.

Look at the smiling faces of the Zaporizhzhians, and you make sure that Zaporizhzhya   is a very friendly city. Our citizens are very outgoing, cheerful and kind-hearted. For all these features  we  can understand that the citizens of  Zaporizhzhya  are very similar in character to the people of Europe.


   Ending my project, I want to say that I will never leave my city, because it is as a mother for me. This is the dearest place on the planet. And now I can firmly say that Zaporizhzhya - is the European city. And so I think we should not look for a better life in other European cities, but make happy our native city. Let us continue to get closer to Europe, while improving our quality of life and making Zaporizhzhya comfortable for living.

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