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Офіційна інформація. ОБОВ'ЯЗКОВО !
3 вересня

I study at the best school in the world. Each pupil of our school thinks so. Here is an atmosphere of friendship and understanding, so I go to school with pleasure.

Firstly, each lesson in our school is a mini-performance: different presentations, interesting experiments, exciting teachers’ stories and pupils’ discussions. For such lessons we should thank our teachers - the fairest, kindest, cleverest and most sociable people. Secondly, don’t think that we have only classes. Different events take place before, after and during the classes: concerts in connection with different holidays, children’s parties, sport competitions, Olympiads, contests, etc. Even during the usual break the senior students play gaily with the junior students!  At the end of the school year the best classes get sweets and biscuits at the smart Holiday of the School Honour.

I would also like to tell about the friendship of the children from different classes. The students always help each other in spite of their age difference. If you lose something, you should tell about it and your lost thing will be found without doubt, because only honest and responsible students study at our school. One day I was convinced in it myself. A girl from the fifth was sitting on the bench and crying. A group of senior students ran up to her and began to calm the girl tenderly and even gave her a cake. Later the teachers phrased these students.

If you look at my school, you can think: “A typical school! There are millions of such schools everywhere.” No, my school is the best in the world and it has a proud name – 72!

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