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Світ належить тим, хто вміє уважно читати


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Every year schoolchildren have their winter holidays. They usually last for 2 weeks: from the New Year’s Day till the 12th of January. I am sure that all of us look forward to this time because it’s a great chance not to get up early and to do what we want. As for me I always sleep till 9 a.m. during my winter holidays. Then I turn on my TV and lie in my bed for another hour.

Winter holidays are even more exciting because we celebrate New Year and Christmas. Our mood is joyful. The whole atmosphere is full of magic. People exchange presents, decorate their homes, cook delicious food, visit each other and have parties.

If the weather is cold I prefer to stay at home or visit my friends. They can also come to my place. We play computer games, surf the Internet or watch TV. The programmes on TV are really interesting during our holidays, so we watch plenty of cool films. In warm weather we go to the cinema or a café, play ice-hockey or go skiing to the park. Hockey and skiing are my hobbies. We can even play snowballs and make funny snowmen.

In the evening my mother often asks me to help her about the house. My duty is washing up, watering plants and taking the rubbish out. As I don’t have to get up early during my holidays my parents allow me to watch TV and read books till midnight.

I enjoy my winter holidays. It’s a nice time to relax and take a short rest from my studies. It’s a pity that winter holidays always pass so quickly.

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Учні нашої школи взяли участь у щорічній акції "Подарунок для бійця". Для окремої 93 бригади були зібрані засоби особистої гігієни, смоколики та подаруночки до дня Святого Миколая, які діти зробили своїми руками.
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