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Reading is my main hobby. I like reading detectives and classic works of world literature. At home, I have a small library of books, of both native and foreign great authors. I read them all. Now I often go to our school library to find something interesting for me.

It is a good library.  A bright spacious room full of different books and magazines. There are few free seats and very noisy as students prepare for classes. Therefore, I prefer taking books home. You can take only several books for month.

I like our school library for that you can find all kinds of books there, including scientific literature. While studying often-set difficult home tasks, which can be done only with special literature.

Other than that, there are a lot of artistic works. This is poetry, poem, novels etc. Our librarians are educated and helpful. They always advise and help to find a necessary book. Many of my friends attend this library and they very satisfied.

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